Ariella Brown

Ariella holds a PhD in English and started out teaching writing. She then shifted to writing professionally with a focus on marketing and tech. She's written on 3D printing, AR, big data, analytics, blockchain, digital currency, supply chains, sustainability, VR, and all kinds of interesting innovations. Her work has been featured in Adweek, CFO, CoinDesk, DMN, Dice Insights, EBN, Forbes, Information Week, 3D Printing Industry, EE Times, and Techopedia, among other publications.

More by Ariella Brown

Google’s 3D Swirl Goes Global

Ariella Brown | 07.19.2020

Fighting Food Waste During a Pandemic

Ariella Brown | 07.12.2020

The Return of the Bronco Airs on Disney

Ariella Brown | 07.10.2020

Finding Success In 15 Seconds

Ariella Brown | 07.13.2020

Keeping the Person In Personalized Online

Ariella Brown | 07.09.2020

Facebook’s Loss Is Whose Gain?

Ariella Brown | 07.02.2020

How Videos Become Shoppable

Ariella Brown | 06.26.2020

Hulu Launches GatewayGo

Ariella Brown | 06.24.2020

Balancing Privacy Regulation and Marketing

Ariella Brown | 06.23.2020

Taking the Most Urban Brand on a Wild Trip

Ariella Brown | 06.18.2020

A New Initiative for TV Ads

Ariella Brown | 06.15.2020

Black Portraiture for the Museum Challenge

Ariella Brown | 06.09.2020

3D Models for Fashion Line Launch

Ariella Brown | 06.01.2020

Keeping It Real and Timely

Ariella Brown | 05.28.2020

Introducing Facebook Shopping

Ariella Brown | 05.22.2020

Pedigree Puts the Zoom on Dogs

Ariella Brown | 05.18.2020

Upgrade Your Marketing With a CDP

Ariella Brown | 05.18.2020

A New Spin on Live Events

Ariella Brown | 05.15.2020

Safe Sampling with Social Distance

Ariella Brown | 05.11.2020

Sharing Content Created by Customers

Ariella Brown | 05.08.2020

Marketing Can Be Murder

Ariella Brown | 05.01.2020

Banana Republic Steps Up to The Plate

Ariella Brown | 04.22.2020

Fashion and Maintaining Fitness at Home

Ariella Brown | 04.20.2020

Airbnb Features Online Experiences

Ariella Brown | 04.17.2020

Do the Distance Dance

Ariella Brown | 04.06.2020

Sharing is Caring

Ariella Brown | 04.02.2020

Being Authentic About Crisis Communication

Ariella Brown | 03.25.2020

The Price of Privacy

Ariella Brown | 03.25.2020

How to Lose a Customer in One Day

Ariella Brown | 03.17.2020

The RaaS Trend Expands With Gap

Ariella Brown | 03.09.2020

No Bad Apples Allowed

Ariella Brown | 03.04.2020

The Rolls-Royce of Mobile Apps

Ariella Brown | 03.03.2020

The Sweet Smell of Successful Branding

Ariella Brown | 02.25.2020

Cosmetic Change in the Beauty Industry

Ariella Brown | 02.26.2020

Recreating Rosie the Riveter’s Jumpsuit

Ariella Brown | 02.24.2020

How to Lose a Customer in 10 Days

Ariella Brown | 02.24.2020

A Blast from the Past Promotes a New App

Ariella Brown | 02.20.2020

How Influencers Reshape Marketing Strategy

Ariella Brown | 02.18.2020

Marketing Insight from Harley Quinn

Ariella Brown | 02.17.2020

Sweets for the Sweet on Valentine’s Day

Ariella Brown | 02.06.2020

À La Cart Marketing

Ariella Brown | 01.16.2020

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Ariella Brown | 01.15.2020

Beauty is in the AI of the Beholder

Ariella Brown | 01.14.2020

The Value of Promoting the Right Values

Ariella Brown | 12.23.2019
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