November 10 2018Analysis

5 Analytics Red Flags Every Mobile Marketer Needs To Watch Out For

When dealing with massive amounts of users, data is a marketer’s best friend. Any of these patterns could suggest an immediate problem worth your attention

Evan F.P.
November 05 2018Analysis

Spotlight on Zara: Lessons from a Brand that Spends Next to Nothing on Ads

Fast-fashion giant Zara is worth over $13 billion - despite spending less than 0.5% of its annual revenue on advertising. Learn why

Matt Duczeminski
November 06 2018Analysis

Buy Now! Subscribe! Enter Here! How to Cross the CTA Minefield

Finding the right CTA for different types of content is not an easy task by all means. Start with our comprehensive guide

Lauren Dowdle
April 24 2018

The Complete Facebook Ads Guide To Optimizing Your Funnel

Aaron Orendorff

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June 12 2018

Enjoy PostFunnel's Special Projects

A Collection of Our Brand Prix Comparison Series and Our Powwow Interviews for Your Reading Pleasure

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November 07 2018Analysis

A Thankful Customer Is A Returning Customer

Turn one-time holiday customers to repeat consumers with these spot-on retention tips

Adebisi Adewusi
October 18 2018Optimove Insights

5 First-Rate Email Tips to Deepen The Relationship With Your Customers

Live up to your promises, get the text updated in realtime and always think about how to better personalize the message.

Shefa Weinstein

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