February 18 2019Analysis

4 Retention Marketing Trends You Need to Address in 2019

Last year's challenges - declining organic reach and new customers' costs - aren’t showing signs of letting up. Here's how to revamp your retention strategy

Ben Jacobson
February 13 2019Analysis

4 Valentine’s Campaigns Audiences Love

They might come for the heart-shaped goodies, but with the right marketing tactics, you can retain customers long after the sugar rush wears off

Lauren Dowdle
April 24 2018

The Complete Facebook Ads Guide To Optimizing Your Funnel

Aaron Orendorff

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June 12 2018

Enjoy PostFunnel's Special Projects

A Collection of Our Brand Prix Comparison Series and Our Powwow Interviews for Your Reading Pleasure

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February 13 2019Strategy

5 Ways Today’s Telecom Giants Use Marketing Automation to Drive LTV

Telecom companies have been among the most vulnerable to technological disruption, but automation is now helping them better engage with customers

Marshall Lemon
February 14 2019Analysis

Netflix: The Biggest Innovator in Marketing?

Remember when the successful streaming company was delivering DVDs to your inbox? Take a look at the marketing moves that made Netflix the powerhouse it is

Matt Duczeminski
February 12 2019Analysis

When It’s Time to Change Course

They say that if it ain't, how often should a company rebrand?

Keith Loria

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