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7 Customer Support Hacks to Boost Retention Rates

Along with stats that suggest it costs up to 7x more to gain a new customer than keeping a current one, maximizing your retention rate...

Sam Hurley
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The Absolute Best Automation Tool for Brands of All Sizes

24/7 marketing isn’t possible for many brands starting out. That’s where automation comes in. But the variety of...

Victoria Vix Reitano
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Transform into a Marketing Unicorn with Viral Content

Solid, engaging content is no longer just a trend, it is a powerful tool that when created and executed effectively, [&hellip...

Anna Kosuv
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Culture Matters: How Different is Retention in Asia-Pacific vs. the West?

Don't let different cultures deter you. When marketing to audiences in two parts of the world, the challenge is finding...

Lauren Dowdle

6 Powerful Methods to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Figuring out how to maximize your CLTV is like discovering the philosopher’s stone of marketing. Turn lead into gold, cure...

Michael Brenner
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They Scratch Your Back, You Scratch Theirs – How to Incentivize Brand Evangelism

We can teach you how to value-packed incentives and your evangelists may return the favor by bringing new customers on board.

Matt Duczeminski

This Universal Law of Human Psychology Explains Why Customer Retention Matters

When you do something nice for your customers, when you serve them to the best of your abilities, they’ll feel inclined to reciprocate the generosity. It’s human nature that increases your revenues

Adam Fout