May 20 2019Strategy

Sprinkling Authenticity into Your Promotional Emails

A step-by-step guide to making your promotional emails more authentic (Part 2)

Matt Duczeminski
May 13 2019Analysis

Asking the Experts: How is Amazon Conquering the Advertising Realm?

Amazon’s advertising services are reshaping customer targeting and personal sales

Keith Loria
May 11 2019Strategy

14 Experts Talk About the 4 Types of Content Your Customers Need Most

From the start of new customer onboarding through every stage of retention and renewal, content can help you achieve your goals. Here's some expert advice

Ben Jacobson
June 12 2018

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A Collection of Our Retention Strategies Comparisons and Interviews for Your Reading Pleasure

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April 24 2018

Get the Complete Facebook Ads Guide To Optimizing Your Funnel

Aaron Orendorff

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May 14 2019Analysis

How Payment APIs Can Deliver Personalized Services

As new open banking regulations lead to new payment APIs, many companies are reviewing the possibilities for delivering personalized services at scale

Evan F.P.
May 09 2019Analysis

Three Ways Your Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From In-app Advertising

The app economy is expected to reach $120 billion in 2019. Here’s why in-app advertising is becoming increasingly important, and how you can jump on board

Adebisi Adewusi

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