About Us

PostFunnel brings marketing prowess into your hands. As the source for everything relationship marketing, PostFunnel provides customer-centric data-driven content that addresses the main interests and pain points for all professionals – or what we like to call marketing geeks.


Covering the intersections of martech, data analysis, customer relationships, and content marketing, we aim to provide professional insights through timely articles and special features. Need an answer to that elusive question raised at your previous meeting or struggling to generate that much-needed spark of inspiration for your new campaign? We hope to become your go-to source.


Founded in 2017 by Optimove, PostFunnel has two main targets: Serving as a thought leader in the relationship marketing realm – successfully writing pieces that are neutral and brand-agnostic, and creating a powerful community of marketers, eager to share their tips and know-how with their peers. Though powered by a leading CRM platform, we strive towards an unbiased approach—recognizing that talents and insights are industry-wide.

Care to share your insights on our site? Have feedback or questions? Let us know here: contactus@postfunnel.com


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