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Paradox of Choice

Even marketers aren’t averse to the Paradox of Choice. Here’s how technology can prevent us from feeling overwhelmed with infinite options.

Rony Vexelman | 09.09.2019

How to Boost your Sales with Customer Browsing Data

Tracking browsing data is common practice for many online brands. This data often gets buried in servers. But used correctly, this data can increase sales

Nimrod Ifrach | 08.28.2019

Walking the Untraveled Roads of the Martech Ecosystem

Marketers have been taught to think new technologies are the solutions for most challenges. Now, they’re confronted with a real stackpocalypse

Rony Vexelman | 07.10.2019

The CRM Contribution Metric: Know What Your CRM Is Worth

Top brands are able to drive 33% of the revenue via CRM marketing. Want to know how you can measure your performance? Here are the

Chen Ofir | 06.24.2019

Power Stepping your Way to a Full Marketing Journey: A Quick Guide

These 4 easy-to-take steps will allow you to slowly but steadily start building a solid CRM machine

Omer Liss | 06.12.2019

5 Memorable Email Tips to Remind Your Customers About Their Abandoned Cart

Show customers what they are missing, use price alerts and even KISS them (explanations within) - Ways to keep your customers from leaving their cart behind

Shefa Weinstein | 05.27.2019

A Song of Fire and Leads: How our Favorite GOT Characters Would Rule Their Marketing Team

To celebrate 8 years of incredible television, we took a few of our favorite characters and traded their war strategies for a place at the

Omer Liss Yael Spector | 05.23.2019

Fast and Slow Data: Why It’s So Important to Combine Them

Luring people into your store requires a rich set of data – but a different set than what's needed to react to their signals when

Shai Frank | 05.22.2019

Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value with Facebook Bid Multipliers

Facebook's recent feature will help marketers shift their focus from the network's advertising capabilities to a more meticulous look at their customer data

Rony Vexelman | 05.18.2019

Don’t Just Automate: Learn how to Orchestrate

As an unfortunate mishap recently experienced by a large retailer clearly demonstrates - automation without orchestration leads to chaos. Learn the basics

Yoav Susz | 04.08.2019

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