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Why CDPs Fail: A Tale of Three Unfulfilled Expectations

All insight and no execution is cause for frustration, errors, and money lost. Learn why Customer Data Platforms are hard-pressed to keep their promises

Agathe Westad | 01.03.2019

5 Top Quality Tips to Transcend Your Welcome Email Stream

Build an experience, collect the data on the way, and encourage your customers to try harder by rewarding their efforts

Shefa Weinstein | 11.12.2018

5 First-Rate Email Tips to Deepen The Relationship With Your Customers

Live up to your promises, get the text updated in realtime and always think about how to better personalize the message.

Shefa Weinstein | 10.18.2018

Where CRM and Marketing Professionals meet inspiration

Optimove Connect, Optimove’s annual event dealing with the latest trends in the CRM realm, will be taking place at the end of the month

Erez Romas | 10.15.2018

Advice from an Owl: What Does a 360° Customer View Really Mean?

Taking all the variables and data and combining them together for a better view of your customers is a must. And it's easily doable

Hadas Tamir | 09.15.2018

How is Your Organizational Structure Harming Customer-Centricity?

You might believe your business is customer-centric, but it may be much more of a product-centric operation. Assess and restructure

Erez Romas | 08.18.2018

What the Dr. Ordered: Take the Pill of Professional Services for Good Health

What are the ailments of online marketers to-date? What metrics are they missing? How are they setting the wrong KPIs? We have the answers

Erez Romas | 07.18.2018

Nurture, Win, Repeat: The Art of Lead Nurturing

Building meaningful relationships with your prospects is more important than ever, We give you the guide to best practices and tools in lead nurturing

Erez Romas | 07.02.2018

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