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Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value with Facebook Bid Multipliers

Facebook's recent feature will help marketers shift their focus from the network's advertising capabilities to a more meticulous look at their customer data

Rony Vexelman | 05.18.2019

Customer Centricity Done Right: Impressions from PostFunnel Forum

We gathered dozens of CRM experts for an in-depth conversation about the new and advanced customer and the many ways brands should accommodate

Ron Gordon | 04.16.2019

Don’t Just Automate: Learn how to Orchestrate

As an unfortunate mishap recently experienced by a large retailer clearly demonstrates - automation without orchestration leads to chaos. Learn the basics

Yoav Susz | 04.08.2019

Analyzing AMP for Email: What It’s All About

This week, Google officially launched AMP for email. Optimove’s specialist looks into the promise of accelerated mobile pages

Shefa Weinstein | 03.28.2019

Launching the PostFunnel Forums: Putting CRM Thought-Leadership on a Pedestal

Why we decided on hosting our first-ever PostFunnel Forum events? Optimove's CMO shares his event marketing strategy

Amit Bivas | 03.24.2019

5 Festive Tips to Celebrate Your Customers’ Birthdays

Be succinct, show urgency but keep it funny, and personalize it as much as possible. Our third article on your way to become a marketing

Shefa Weinstein | 03.20.2019

Why CDPs Fail: A Tale of Three Unfulfilled Expectations

All insight and no execution is cause for frustration, errors, and money lost. Learn why Customer Data Platforms are hard-pressed to keep their promises

Agathe Westad | 01.03.2019

5 Top Quality Tips to Transcend Your Welcome Email Stream

Build an experience, collect the data on the way, and encourage your customers to try harder by rewarding their efforts

Shefa Weinstein | 11.12.2018

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