A deep-dive into what makes marketing strategies succeed


Opted for an In-House CRM? Here’s What You Should Know

While the CRM industry is mainly dominated by cloud-based SaaS tools, there are a few quality in-house options. Before you commit, take the

Matt Duczeminski | 06.18.2019

5 Ways the Shopping Experience Has Changed (And 14 Tips to Keep Up)

Shopping isn’t what it used to be. Here’s what consumers expect and what it’ll take to satisfy their expectations

Adebisi Adewusi | 06.13.2019

How to Make the Most of Your Digital Business Transformation

More and more businesses are going digital. These best practices will help you effectively harness powerful new tools and resources

Evan F.P. | 06.06.2019

5 Great Mother’s Day Campaigns – And What We Can Learn from Them

A few of the most effective Mother’s Day marketing campaigns from recent years with some takeaways for your own campaigns

Matt Duczeminski | 06.05.2019

How Stitch Fix Uses Data to Increase Sales and Engage Customers

With a combination of humans and machines at the helm, this popular fashion service redefines the way the modern companies are relying on data

Matt Duczeminski | 05.30.2019

These Modern Brands Prioritizing Customer Service Above All Else

Newsweek recently released its “America’s Best Customer Service 2019” report. A look into the few select brands that made the top of the list

Evan F.P. | 05.23.2019

How Payment APIs Can Deliver Personalized Services

As new open banking regulations lead to new payment APIs, many companies are reviewing the possibilities for delivering personalized services at scale

Evan F.P. | 05.14.2019

Three Ways Your Marketing Strategy Can Benefit From In-app Advertising

The app economy is expected to reach $120 billion in 2019. Here’s why in-app advertising is becoming increasingly important, and how you can

Adebisi Adewusi | 05.09.2019

Take a Step Back to Build the Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist

While content marketing generates leads and engages the crowd, it’s only effective when approached strategically and methodically. Formulate your game plan

Matt Duczeminski | 05.06.2019

7 Marketing Lessons From Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Phil Knight and Kylie Jenner: Shape your marketing strategy with the help of these trendsetters

Adebisi Adewusi | 05.04.2019

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