4th of July Marketing: Campaigns with a Bang!

5 examples of how your marketing team can dazzle customers for the Fourth of July holiday extravaganza

Lauren Dowdle | 06.20.2018

Three Subtle Online Methods to Get to “Yes”

Instead of creating a smooth chain of micro-commitments, many marketers generate friction by going for the macro too soon.

Aaron Orendorff | 06.18.2018

4 Ways Your Competitors Are Using AI to Improve their CX

Artificial Intelligence on its own is no longer a buzzword. Now it's all about harnessing it to improving customer experience

Michael Brenner | 06.11.2018

Four Female Bank Executives Who Are Keeping AI Ethical & Effective

AI has a long road to mass adoption. These talented executives are pushing it forward while maintaining moral and legal vigilance

Matt McAllister | 06.04.2018

Here’s What The Perfect Onboarding Message Looks Like

If your onboarding process fails, you run the risk of seeing a significant drop in retention. We have the solution for you

Matt Duczeminski | 05.31.2018

Customer Education: The Secret Sauce To Customer Retention

Having trouble ensuring your customers stay loyal to your business? Spice up your retention strategy with customer education

Adebisi Adewusi | 05.24.2018

Artificial Intelligence Lends Personal Touch To Travel Experience

Developments in AI are helping business travelers cater trips to their tastes. A few innovations are at the center of this trend

Evan F.P. | 05.22.2018

What Happens When Personalization Goes Too Far

Here’s what awaits over-eager marketers who fail to consider how their bespoke communications are being perceived by customers

Evan F.P. | 05.16.2018

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