The Importance of Geotargeting, and How It Should Affect Your PPC Strategy

Targeting the right audience is an important trait for marketers. Learn more about one of the most powerful tools to use, in order to create

Keith Loria | 12.17.2018

Everything You Always Wanted to Know…13 E-commerce Forums You Should Join

Sometimes it’s difficult finding the right answers to your e-commerce questions. These e-commerce forums will provide some direction

Adebisi Adewusi | 12.15.2018

Breathe New Life into Your Content: Repurposing the Right Way

Blogs, videos, surveys, webinars or a dozen other things — it’s important to know who you’re targeting and what they want

Lauren Dowdle | 12.13.2018

How Should You Measure Your Content’s Success?

Considering the quality side is taken care of, here's a list of quantitative measurements that can tell you if your content is connecting with

Todd Wasserman | 12.11.2018

4 Tools That Make Delighting Your Customers Easier

You can improve retention without huge changes to your strategy. Just focus on making a customer’s day, every day

Ben Jacobson | 12.06.2018

Looking Back on 2018: What Have We Learned About Customer Retention?

Be authentic, transparent, maintain loyalty, and work constantly to forge an emotional connection. Oh, and invest in your product. Lessons from 2018

Matt Duczeminski | 12.05.2018

How to Use Mobile Marketing Campaigns to Re-engage Your Customers

If consumers are increasingly reaching for their phones, meet them in the middle and use the screen to your advantage

Shane Barker | 12.03.2018

How Marketers Can Make the Most Out of IGTV

Attention-grabbing content is the target for more and more marketing professionals. Instagram’s IGTV provides the smarter way to showcase your brand

Keith Loria | 11.29.2018

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