Why Do Customers Leave Loyalty Programs?

Research suggests nearly 50% of customers abandoned at least one loyalty program in the last year. Understanding why is key to making sure it isn

Evan F.P. | 10.17.2018

What Do Your Consumers Really Want To See On Your Social Channels?

You can only succeed on social media when you can cater to consumers’ wants and needs

Adebisi Adewusi | 10.13.2018

Lead Generation Metrics: Quality Over Quantity Or Vice-Versa?

“Should I focus on generating more leads, or higher-quality ones?” Some might consider this debate dead and buried, but it is actually still relevant

Matt Duczeminski | 10.10.2018

Are Banner Ads Still Worth the Marketer’s Effort?

It's been 24 years of banner ads. Find out how one of the Internet’s initial marketing strategies has evolved

Adebisi Adewusi | 10.03.2018

What Drives Loyalty In Today’s Banking Customers?

As brand trust dwindles, it’s crucial for financial institutions to invest in a comprehensive understanding of what drives modern banking customer loyalty

Evan F.P. | 09.29.2018

How Today’s Travel Marketers Balance Scale and Gratitude to Build Loyalty

Even as tech-forward solutions like Airbnb disrupt the market, tenacious travel marketers are finding effective ways to operate and excel at retention

Evan F.P. | 09.20.2018

The Role of Product Marketers in the Marketing Ecosystem

With finicky customers and startups killing big businesses, what role do Product Marketers play in customer retention, and why it's so crucial?

Adebisi Adewusi | 09.05.2018

Going APAC in Business? The Do’s and Don’ts

The Asia-Pacific Region holds a lot of opportunities for businesses, but what problems does it holds for marketers?

Adebisi Adewusi | 08.30.2018

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