What Marketers Can Learn From Tulsa’s Citizen-Centered Analytics

The city of Tulsa deployed a citizen-centered analytics measurement system to improve its services. Here’s what marketers can learn from the outcomes

Marshall Lemon | 04.24.2019

14 Surprising Stats About Digital Advertising

Factors worth considering when carrying out your strategies

Adebisi Adewusi | 04.21.2019

What is Sentient Marketing and How Should You Embrace it?

Sentient marketing is a new term for data-backed real-time customer engagement, but is it ready to be deployed by today’s businesses?

Evan F.P. | 04.15.2019

5 Questions Every Marketing Team Must Answer (+14 High Yield KPIs )

Hello Mr./Mrs. CMO, it's time to sit your marketing team down and ask these hard questions

Adebisi Adewusi | 04.13.2019

How to Keep Your Marketing Messages Working in Your Favor

Finding success with email campaign flows is easier than you think: We asked the experts for their tips

Keith Loria | 04.11.2019

Real-Time Marketing vs Real-Time Customer Engagement—What’s the Difference?

Marketing a service to customers and engaging with them directly are vastly different disciplines in today’s real-time digital landscape

Evan F.P. | 04.09.2019

5 Companies with Exceptional Customer Education

Teaching customers about your brand and products needn’t sound like a boring lecture. Learn from these companies on how to give the right information

Lauren Dowdle | 04.08.2019

Why More Companies Are Expanding Their Storytelling With In-House Studios

Learn why brands are taking more control over their narrative

Adebisi Adewusi | 04.06.2019

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