Retention Marketing and Gambling’s Omni-Channel Push

With omni-channel offerings now penetrating the retail betting space, the barriers to collecting betting intelligence about retail customers are breaking down. European gambling operators...

Scott Longley | 15.08.2017

What Happens at a Cabin Doesn’t Stay at a Cabin: Customer Service in the Lodging Industry

Good customer service doesn’t always necessitate dramatically going above and beyond expectations, it’s often enough to make customers feel cared for…and at...

Adam Fout | 14.08.2017

The US vs. UK: Who Takes the 1st Prize in Customer Experience?

We set out to find out exactly how the two nations stack up and which one offers the best customer experience to its consumers...

Lauren Dowdle | 09.08.2017

Powerhouses of Content Amplification: Analyzing Outbrain and Taboola

It isn’t enough to create captivating content: You need your pieces to actually attract eyeballs, or the content is just gathering dust on your...

Lauren Dowdle | 01.08.2017

These Social Media Mistakes Will Cost You Your Clients

Social media is an extension of your brand, but it’s also not all about you. Come out on top of your social game by...

Rebecca Wojno | 26.07.2017

Your Customers Have No Idea What They Want — Don’t Listen to Them

"The customer is always right"? Someone needs to find that saying, take it into a dark alley, and beat it with a curling iron. Innovation...

Adam Fout | 25.07.2017

4 Stories of How Brands Used Social Networks for Loyalty

The two billion humans on social media today aren’t just “users” frittering away free time: they’re people forming new communities. If brands want...

Matt McAllister | 20.07.2017