The Skinny on Big Data

Teams that extensively use customer data analytics across all of their business decisions see huge profit improvement and a greater ROI. We teach you how...

Lauren Dowdle | 10.19.2017

The One Acronym That Will Help Retain Your Customers

You’re constantly learning new sites, apps and platforms that are supposed to help you with your customer retention efforts. While finding new ways to...

Lauren Dowdle | 10.13.2017

Our Two Cents on How to Spend Your Marketing Budget

Unless you have unlimited resources - you need to work with budgets. Marketing are well known budget busters - it seems like it's never enough. We...

Rebecca Wojno | 10.12.2017

Be the Brand Who Lives for Birthdays

Birthdays are usually a reason to celebrate. If you smartly harness your customers' celebration to your marketing carriage, you can really increase your retention rate...

Lauren Dowdle | 10.03.2017

A Chip Off The Old Writer’s Block

When in need of content inspiration, content generators are great place to start. Here’s a line-up of the good, the effective and the...

Rebecca Wojno | 09.29.2017

2 Examples of Exceptional Customer Service (and a Bad One…)

Before we jump into this topic, I want to make one thing clear — there’s a HUGE difference between exceptional customer […]

Adam Fout | 09.22.2017

6 Powerful Methods to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Figuring out how to maximize your CLTV is like discovering the philosopher’s stone of marketing. Turn lead into gold, cure illness, and grant immortality...

Michael Brenner | 09.14.2017