What Is Troll Marketing and Is It Worth The Risk?

With social marketing becoming an ever-larger part of global brands' advertising strategy, troll marketing can prove to be especially effective - or destructive. Here are a few examples

Matt Duczeminski
March 28 2018

Can you imagine a world without internet trolls?

For those lucky enough to not know what “trolling” is, it’s the act of deliberately making a controversial statement with the specific purpose of frustrating the living hell out of their target. Usually, trolls don’t even really believe their own statements - they just want to get a rise out of someone. For the typical internet troll, the more outrageous the statement, the better (as long as someone takes it seriously enough to get ticked off). Done well, troll marketing can be an incredibly effective way of generating a buzz around your brand - and can potentially lead to major virality. Done incorrectly, troll marketing will still lead to virality...but not in a good way.


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