How B2C Health & Wellness Brands Use Webinars to Deliver Value to Customers

Webinars are typically a B2B tool, but these wellness brands are using this real-time engagement tool to produce compelling internal and strategic insights

Evan F.P.
November 27 2018

Webinars have proven themselves to be an incredibly useful B2B marketing tool, yet some in the B2C community remain unconvinced. Many assume that customers wouldn’t be interested in longer-form presentations outside of a business setting – after all, what can webinars offer that simple YouTube videos and social media posts can’t provide?

Quite a bit, it turns out. Webinars have more opportunities for lead generation, stronger customer engagement, and higher revenue via coupons and promotions. Even if webinars take longer to prepare than other marketing content, you can repurpose the information for distribution on other platforms.

If that’s not enough, consider one B2C industry which has seen phenomenal webinar success: Wellness brands. Presentations on topics like health, cooking, and self-care draw in massive audiences who are more than happy to spend money on associated products. Here are just a few examples of Wellness Webinars to follow for inspiration:


Deepak Chopra is perhaps the most well-known public figure in the realms of meditation and alternative medicine. He’s also one of the wealthiest, because whatever you may think of his philosophy, his operation is run like a business – and webinars are a key entry point for customers.

The Chopra Center website currently hosts two webinar programs, one teaching meditation and another on generating personal well-being. Both webinars are free for users but require registration to the Chopra Center newsletter. This entry point lets his company market a wide range of paid services, including books, bath products, and a $4500+ meditation retreat in Hawaii.

Each webinar includes a guest speaker and outlines a specific topic during its runtime – usually 30 minutes to an hour. Older webinar programs dating back to 2014 are archived on YouTube. This process creates more entry points for new customers who will then be introduced to Chopra Center services and perhaps even share videos with friends.


Cooking YouTube channels and television shows are exceedingly popular, yet in most cases, audiences don’t actually make anything they’d seen prepared. Webinars are a great solution, because their live presentation format allows for something video alone doesn’t provide – targeted audiences and direct user engagement.

Cooking webinars attract large audiences and cover a wide variety of dietary topics. Interested in vegan food? Chef AJ live-streams a vegan cooking class. Focused on health and nutrition? Produce for Better Health has a regular series on getting more nutrients out of vegetables.

Some chefs charge a fee for their webinars, while others provide free access at registration. Many will also sell products like a digital storefront or offer more personalized services like private coaching. And if you missed a livestream – or forget the ingredients for a Mexican lasagna – most webinars publish archived recordings that can be reviewed later.


If you’ve eaten too much food after reading that last entry, don’t worry: there are exercise webinars to follow as well. Fitness webinars offer the benefits of personalized training advice without leaving your home … let alone spend money on gym memberships.

The American Council on Exercise runs a monthly webinar series from its certification website. While the information is geared towards personal trainers, content is available the general public. Topics include kettlebell use, nutrition coaching, and exercise tips when dealing with cancer or diabetes. Each session is streamed live with a free registration, which lets the audience communicate with guest experts in real-time. (Recordings can be viewed for a $20 fee.)

That’s just one example, but there are no shortage of nutrition and exercise webinars out there. Some are more medically-detailed, like the British Association of Sports and Exercise Sciences series. Others use live-streaming to deliver personal training sessions, like Nathan DeMetz Personal Training.


While it overlaps with cooking and exercise, nutrition is its own health category – which means it has a more specialized webinar genre. Most broadcasts examine the health science implications of food and encourage audiences to make lifestyle improvements.

Today’s Dietitian, a continuing education resource for dieticians, is a great example. While it offers free self-study courses and archived webinars, live streams are available for a fee – with discounts if you register for an entire series. Archived presentations are sponsored by food organizations like Nestlé, The Egg Nutrition Center, and the United Soybean Board, which allows for an additional revenue stream.

Other webinars combine diet and exercise tips, much like Mad Love Fitness attempted in its introductory Nutrition line. Once you’re familiar with these videos, the website also has a free fitness app, home workout packages, and live classes to consider.

Professional Development

Wellness webinars aren’t just about personal health, they extend to professional well-being. Companies that provide a leadership coaching service have learned that webinars are an excellent platform for introducing clients to their tool or product.

Take Erickson International, a global coach training organization. Its free resources include “Online Live” webinars which explore the fundamentals of coaching and offer the “practice coaching” conversations directly. Erickson also offers an executive-level webinar called “Explore Coaching Competencies” that is broadcast live through a training delivery platform.

And that’s just leadership coaching. The professional development field offers webinars on an extensive range of careers, from school teaching to truck driving. All provide opportunities to acquire new users at a low cost and engage them with your broader platform.

So, ask yourself: if all these wellness industries can benefit from webinars, why exactly aren’t you using them?


Evan F.P.

Evan is a writer, educator and tech marketer. As content director at Fluid PR Group, he helps businesses tell their stories to the world. He lives in Toronto with his wife, their son and an occasionally well-behaved Australian Shepherd named Islay. Follow Evan on Twitter

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