GDPR Six Months Later: What Have We Learned So Far?

The implementation of the GDPR has changed the way companies collect data - and how they do business. Let's look at what's changed since

Matt Duczeminski | 12.12.2018

Dear Marketer, Have you Thought Well About Your New Smartwatch Campaign?

Smartwatches are here for the long term. Find out what opportunities they bring and how to use them in your marketing

Adebisi Adewusi | 12.08.2018

Optimove Connect – The Recap

More than 450 CRM experts and practitioners from leading brands joined ‘Optimove Connect’ - A two-day event held for the fourth year in Tel Aviv

Ron Gordon | 10.31.2018

Is Zero Effort Better Than Blast Emails? Zara vs. Gap, Challenge Accepted

Brand Prix #4 examines whether zero marketing effort is better than an overwhelming amount of communications.

Rebecca Wojno | 09.13.2018

“The End Goal is to Try to Have a One-to-One Experience for Everybody”

Barnes & Noble's Senior Manager of CRM Marketing divulges how client behavior has drastically altered their marketing approach

Rebecca Wojno | 08.16.2018

“Go Online Now, Every Other Thing You’ll See is a Video”

PostFunnel sat down with Vimeo's Director of Growth and Product Marketing to learn how quality video can turn your brand upside down

Rebecca Wojno | 07.12.2018

“Every Word Matters, Every Step, Every Fraction of a Hip Pivot”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Cameron Conaway, former MMA fighter, poet, author, and expert marketer

Rebecca Wojno | 06.16.2018

You *Can* Put A Price On Retention: Banana Republic vs. J.Crew

The race has begun! In our third Brand Prix, we compared our customer journey with two All-American fashion brands

Rebecca Wojno | 06.07.2018

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