The Scramble for Our Happiness: How Telecoms Combat Churn

Telecommunication giants did not really need to fight over their clients or excel in customer service. Luckily, things have changed

Matt McAllister | 02.14.2018

“We think about diversity in everything we do. From the models we work with to the social media posts.”

We chatted with Adore Me's CRM Marketing professional Josselin Petit-Hoang and came out with quite a few insights

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Sound Check: Stay on Course with Audio Marketing

Audio marketing is not dead, on the contrary. Use these powerful marketing channels to liven up your portfolio

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4 KPIs You Should Track to Measure Ecommerce Retention

Don’t get caught up measuring likes, downloads, or users - just use these KPIs for a greater impact on your business

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Adidas vs. Nike: Who Will Win the Race to Retention Excellence?

Which major athletic retailer bests its competitor in overall communication performance?

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How To Find Your Customer’s Email Tempo

Are you sending a frighteningly large amount of campaigns? Is there a magic number? Your customers (and rates) will tell

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“I encourage drinkstorming – we go to a pub, have a pint and discuss how to progress”

PostFunnel sat with Head of Customer Engagement at Deezer Cecilia Munthe, for a chat on technology trends and creativity

Rebecca Wojno | 12.21.2017

How Will Retention Marketing Change in 2018? We Asked 8 Experts

In 2017, customer retention emerged as the top priority among businesses. Here are 8 points of view that will explain how to act

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