Facebook Advertising Strategies from 30+ Experts to Optimize Your Campaigns

Facebook ads aren’t for the faint of heart, so we’ve prepared a comprehensive e-book to help you optimize your entire funnel

Aaron Orendorff | 04.24.2018

“We see a big change in mentality, a sense of community around data and tech”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Head of Data at Ebury to discuss how to close the gap between technology and the customer

Rebecca Wojno | 04.12.2018

Two Superstores, One Winner: Target or Walmart?

Our second Brand Prix project looks into the overall customer experience the two retail mega-giants supply to their clients

Rebecca Wojno | 03.22.2018

“How do I know the moment I’ve truly grabbed their attention?”

Outbrain is a synonym to "content marketing", but how does the content marketer markets to content providers? Read the full interview

Rebecca Wojno | 03.08.2018

5 Industry Examples of When Data Saved Marketing

Take a look at companies that have used data to spearhead innovative campaigns and initiatives that had a major impact on their numbers

Matt Duczeminski | 03.07.2018

PostFunnel Brand Prix: Who Won the Race to Retention Excellence – Adidas or Nike?

Which major athletic retailer bests its competitor in overall communication performance?

Rebecca Wojno | 03.03.2018

Why Marketers Need To Care about Cybersecurity

As marketers embrace digitization and pursue data — they now have more than lead generation to worry about

Adebisi Adewusi | 03.02.2018

The Scramble for Our Happiness: How Telecoms Combat Churn

Telecommunication giants did not really need to fight over their clients or excel in customer service. Luckily, things have changed

Matt McAllister | 02.14.2018