Leave it to Them: the Power of User Generated Content

UGC can serve as the authentic boost your brand needs. Make it easy for consumers to contribute by creating a desirable value proposition

Matt McAllister | 11.30.2017

You’ve Helped Your Customers Reach Their Goal…Now What?

Onboarding clients is a task on its own, and it's most definitely a crucial one. But once you've made your client walk through

Matt Duczeminski | 10.17.2017

Rethinking The Importance of Customer Feedback

This CANNOT be overstated - customer feedback has poor reputation, but without reviews, both your business and your customers will suffer

Adam Fout | 10.16.2017

No Retention Ace Would Go Without These Tools

The difference between a brand sentiment snapshot and a cumulative sentiment profile lies in which tools you use from your retention toolbox.

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5 Commanding Content Marketing Strategies for B2B Lead Generation and Retention

Retaining customers requires more than a social media post here and there. These five commanding content marketing strategies will increase your retention rate, while saving

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10 Customer Retention Influencers You Should Be Following

Looking to improve your retention? Why go at it alone when you can learn from the best? We gathered the A-list for your convenience

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How Many Customers Are You Losing Because of Bad UX?

Don’t hemorrhage your customers because your UX (or lack thereof) leaves little to be desired. Deliver a great product, record your retention rates, and

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The Store of the Future is A Hybrid

Retail is swiftly changing into a seamless combination of digital and in-person interactions. Are you behind the curve?

Chris Morrison | 08.18.2017