Is Zero Effort Better Than Blast Emails? Zara vs. Gap, Challenge Accepted

Brand Prix #4 examines whether zero marketing effort is better than an overwhelming amount of communications.

Rebecca Wojno | 09.13.2018

How to Make Customers Look Forward to Your Email

Today, there are only two types of emails: inbox-worthy and junk. Here’s how to ensure you’re taking advantage of the potent marketing

Michael Brenner | 09.03.2018

“The End Goal is to Try to Have a One-to-One Experience for Everybody”

Barnes & Noble's Senior Manager of CRM Marketing divulges how client behavior has drastically altered their marketing approach

Rebecca Wojno | 08.16.2018

Why is RFM Analysis Important In E-commerce?

RFM analysis is a customer segmentation technique based on the Pareto Principle, and if you're still not using it - here's how you should

Adebisi Adewusi | 08.04.2018

“Go Online Now, Every Other Thing You’ll See is a Video”

PostFunnel sat down with Vimeo's Director of Growth and Product Marketing to learn how quality video can turn your brand upside down

Rebecca Wojno | 07.12.2018

“Every Word Matters, Every Step, Every Fraction of a Hip Pivot”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Cameron Conaway, former MMA fighter, poet, author, and expert marketer

Rebecca Wojno | 06.16.2018

You *Can* Put A Price On Retention: Banana Republic vs. J.Crew

The race has begun! In our third Brand Prix, we compared our customer journey with two All-American fashion brands

Rebecca Wojno | 06.07.2018

Thoughts on PostFunnel’s 1st Birthday

PostFunnel's Editor-in-chief concludes a digital year and shares the secrets behind launching and operating a content hub in this day and age

Ron Gordon | 05.28.2018

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