“Every Word Matters, Every Step, Every Fraction of a Hip Pivot”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Cameron Conaway, former MMA fighter, poet, author, and expert marketer

Rebecca Wojno | 06.16.2018

Two Online Shopping Trends to Forever Rethink Your Marketing

Are you meeting your customers where they’re expecting to find you? Explore two ways to over-deliver

Marijana Kay | 06.16.2018

You *Can* Put A Price On Retention: Banana Republic vs. J.Crew

The race has begun! In our third Brand Prix, we compared our customer journey with two All-American fashion brands

Rebecca Wojno | 06.07.2018

3 Facts About AI That Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

AI is a nice buzzword, but without really focusing on how to effectively use it for your benefit, you must weed out the buzz

Victor Ijidola | 06.05.2018

Thoughts on PostFunnel’s 1st Birthday

PostFunnel's Editor-in-chief concludes a digital year and shares the secrets behind launching and operating a content hub in this day and age

Ron Gordon | 05.28.2018

“First and Foremost We’re Asking Ourselves, ‘Who Are We Doing This For’?”

Stephanie McKay of LuckyVitamin tells us everything about the connection between successful digital marketing and your health

Rebecca Wojno | 05.17.2018

Facebook Advertising Strategies from 30+ Experts to Optimize Your Campaigns

Facebook ads aren’t for the faint of heart, so we’ve prepared a comprehensive e-book to help you optimize your entire funnel

Aaron Orendorff | 04.24.2018

“We see a big change in mentality, a sense of community around data and tech”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Head of Data at Ebury to discuss how to close the gap between technology and the customer

Rebecca Wojno | 04.12.2018

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