Interviews, retention analysis competition, and more special projects


Regulation’s Impact on Marketing: A Few Thoughts from PostFunnel Forum, Malta

We gathered CRM experts for an in-depth conversation about the evolution of marketing and product in a growing restrictive environment

Rebecca Wojno | 08.08.2019

Asking the Experts: Improving Your Facebook Business Page Rankings

Encouraging a high Facebook page ranking begins with utilizing available tools that'll strengthen your community

Keith Loria | 08.06.2019

Humanizing the Trends Reshaping eCommerce: Three Ways Tech Can Make You More Human

Online retailers have always been hungry to recreate the power of in-person sales. After all, people don’t buy from businesses; people buy from

Aaron Orendorff | 08.05.2019

The 2019 Guide to Customer Data Platforms

As customer data becomes more complex, Customer Data Platforms are now essential tools for managing user profiles.

Evan F.P. | 07.25.2019

Asking the Experts: Refining the Elusive Definition of Churn

This has to be more than just a metric. A successful war on churn can mean a lot to your business. We gathered some pros

Keith Loria | 07.04.2019

Sunglass Hut vs. Warby Parker: A Marketing Vision or Eyesore?

Our latest Brand Prix, where we test two eyewear retailers' retention strategies. How'd they do? See for yourself

Rebecca Wojno Matan Block Temin | 06.27.2019

A Guide to Personalized Marketing In 2019

For decades, advertising campaigns were always based on what marketers believed customers wanted. That's all changed

Marshall Lemon | 06.25.2019

Asking the Experts: How to Get the Most of Facebook Ads

Stop wasting money on Facebook campaigns: experts weigh in on how marketers should spend their budgeting dollars

Keith Loria | 06.17.2019

How Social Media Marketing Works in 2019

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just digital hangouts, they’re essential marketing channels. Find out why social media marketing is so important in 2019

Marshall Lemon | 05.28.2019

Asking the Experts: Is Homepage Traffic Still Relevant?

So, how do you measure Digital Success in 2019? We asked 6 professionals for their take on the current state of digital marketing

Keith Loria | 05.21.2019

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