The Best Websites for Marketing Experts

Plug into this ecosystem and get enriched by turning the following websites into your daily must-read

Victor Ijidola
March 10 2018

A marketer’s time is precious. There are thousands of sites out there that handle similar topics, but how do you know which ones will have the answers you need? We rounded up a list of our favorite marketing blogs that worth a visit. Make that a visit per day.


Specialty: marketing technology

Founded and run by HubSpot’s ecosystem VP Scott Brinker, Chiefmartec covers everything at the intersection of marketing and technology. Chiefmartec covers what’s trending in the marketing technology space and, most importantly, how marketers can implement industry technologies to drive ROIs for their businesses.


Specialty: SEO

While there are many marketing blogs that cover SEO, Backlinko manages to stand out amongst the noise. SEO veteran Brian Dean publishes in-depth SEO posts about once a month, using every resource he can get his hands on (videos, infographics, etc.) to thoroughly explain his SEO strategies.

Marketing Land

Specialty: marketing news

 If you are looking for up to date marketing news, Marketing Land is a great resource for you. The publication has in-house writers and several expert guest contributors who create credible and useful content such as Facebook’s latest algorithm updates and Snapchat’s latest analytics tool.


Specialty: conversion optimization

Conversion optimization has gained more prominence in the marketing space these past few years, and ConversionXL (CXL) is one of the reasons behind it’s increasing popularity. Founder Peep Laja started the blog with one aim — to publish in-depth posts on conversion optimization using both guest expert contributors and in-house writers. If conversion optimization is huge for you, CXL is worth spending a read.

HubSpot Marketing Blog

Specialty: general digital marketing

 Hubspot has three different blogs: one geared towards marketers, the other two for sales and agency-related topics. Their marketing blog discusses topics from content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, growth hacking, and trends. HubSpot’s marketing blog is a great resource for all marketing topics.


Specialty: marketing technology

 The sister site to Marketing Land and Search Engine Land – MartechToday also covers everything marketing technology. Expect strategies, tips, and daily insights that will help you run successful marketing programs.

Neil Patel

Specialty: general digital marketing

Neil Patel is one of the ‘experts to know’ in marketing, and uses his website to deliver detailed and actionable content. If you’re looking to dip your toe into anything online marketing related, Neil’s blog will always delight and never fail to teach you something new.

Specialty: a community where marketers find and discuss pressing industry topics

Since 2013, marketing professionals look to Inbound for the latest news on industry-related topics. And the community is almost entirely controlled by what users find useful and interesting.

Users submit posts, and if other visitors find the posts useful and interesting, they upvote and leave comments on it. Posts with the highest number of upvotes and comments are automatically pushed to the top of the homepage. It’s an effortless way to see which topics excite your peers the most.


Specialty: copywriting and growth marketing

 Copyhackers is a marketing blog with two categories — copywriting and growth marketing. The blog is run by veteran conversion copywriter Joanna Wiebe. What makes Copyhackers golden? The quality of content on copywriting and growth marketing. Among the gems? Learning how to write copy with a “reluctant hero.”


Specialty: Email marketing

Focused on email marketing? Pay a visit to Videofruit. The blog is run by Bryan Harris. You may be familiar with his piece on Expanded Guest Posting. From list-building to product launches to sales funnels, Videofruit is a complete resource for anyone striving to learn more about email marketing and how it can grow your business.

Social MediaToday

Specialty: social media marketing

 Social Media Today covers every aspect you can think of around social media. From the latest social media marketing news strategies to the tiniest details on posting, SMT is golden for social media marketing.


Specialty: advertising

From Super Bowl ads to the latest happenings in the startup advertising space, AdAge covers them it all. Whether you’re a big company, a small one, or just starting out, learn the ropes of advertising here.

Optimove blog

Specialty: Retention Marketing/CDP

Covering the marketing realm for many years now, Optimove’s blog is using data-based researches to bring insights on many different aspects of customer relationship, campaign orchestration, measurement, optimization and much more, with DIY tips to improve your next campaign.


Victor Ijidola

Victor Ijidola is a conversion-driven content marketer and copywriter. Contact him at Premium Content Shop.

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