Should UGC Be Part of Your Retention Strategy?

Your customers' opinions matter - let them be heard by offering them a user generated content platform

Matt Duczeminski | 06.13.2018

Why Your North Star Metric Might Be Sending You South

There’s a fine line between focus and tunnel vision. Is having a north star metric really the best option?

Ben Jacobson | 06.06.2018

3 Ways IoT Is taking E-Commerce to The Next Stage

Internet of Things is no longer (just) a buzzword - it's already transforming the way customers shop. Let us show you how

Adebisi Adewusi | 06.02.2018

These 3 Obstacles Are Standing Between Telcos And IoT Market Domination

Telecommunication firms already have a a massive share of the B2B IoT market. But delaying now might prove to be deadly for them

Evan F.P. | 05.29.2018

The Strategic Team Member Your Team Needs

A laser-focused target audience is your guarantee to ongoing conversions. Here's the most important step to take

Victor Ijidola | 05.26.2018

Is the Freemium Software Pricing Model a Retention Killer?

As a SaaS marketer, there’s a chance you’ve seen a lot of content about the dangers of freemium. Let’s set the record

Ben Jacobson | 05.09.2018

Brand Loyalty Isn’t The Trump Card You Think It Is

You're wrong if you think that having scores of customers on your loyalty program is insurance against a business failure

Lauren Dowdle | 05.07.2018

3 Slick Upsell & Cross-Sell Methods to Boost Revenue + Profit

All business models can benefit by offering both subtle yet persuasive suggestions — are you using these powerful value enhancers?

Sam Hurley | 04.30.2018

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