Your Marketing Goldmine is a Geofence Away

Get the scope on geofencing and why its one tactic your marketing strategy can't afford to sleep on

Adebisi Adewusi | 04.23.2018

2 Fundamental Misconceptions About Customer Centricity

Being customer-focused isn't being customer-centered, but many companies mistake to think it is. Here's how you can tackle it

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The Hidden Importance Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

Tesla uses it, Blendtec scored 700% sales increase with it, Harley Davidson wouldn't have survived without it. Use it today

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Don’t Push This Technology Under The Radar

Consumers spend more than 5 hours on smartphones. Tap them on the shoulder with push notifications and increase conversions

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How to Stop Your Retention Bucket from Leaking

Focus on retaining customers while completely ignoring your high customer attrition rate is not the right way to go

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Agility Isn’t Just for Evolutionists

Today’s marketing is a classic example of Darwin’s notion of the “survival of the fittest.” Only agile marketers will succeed

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What Does Your Customer Service Say About You?

Research indicates the gap between companies' perception of their customer service, and their actual service. Don't compromise!

Lauren Dowdle | 04.07.2018

Your Guide to Customer Experience Awesomeness

The tactics of the great social media customer experience rep are the same — be responsive and comprehensive. Success will follow

Adam Fout | 04.05.2018