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Make the Most Out of Product Returns and Exchanges

All businesses face returns and exchange expenses—but it doesn’t have to be a total loss. Here’s how you can make the most

Matt Duczeminski | 07.15.2019

The Top Mistakes Most Marketers are Making with Lead Magnets

Don't give away too much, but do invest in creativity. Learn the 3 big mistakes that turn off potential customers as much as they

Adam Fout | 07.09.2019

5 Ways Brands Are Embracing Generation Z

The next generation may have their noses in their smartphones, but they're asking for brands that share their values and make a positive impact

Evan F.P. | 07.02.2019

Neuromarketing: Use These 3 Brain-Targeting Hacks to Sell More

Top-performing marketers don’t achieve success by chance! They understand how to tap into the brains of customers for powerful impact — Discover how, today

Sam Hurley | 07.01.2019

How Can Companies Deal with Disloyalty?

Consumers have a cheating problem when it comes to brands. Here’s how you can keep them loyal

Adebisi Adewusi | 06.29.2019

Is There a ‘Right’ Time to Adopt Machine Learning Tools?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are all the rage, but technology alone won’t make a difference if your organization isn’t ready for them

Evan F.P. | 06.26.2019

The Best Digital Marketing Certifications

Keep up with digital marketing trends, sharpen your skills, and further establish your credibility with these great options to set you apart from your peers

Adebisi Adewusi | 06.22.2019

Why B2C Content Is a Monster That’ll Gut Your Acquisition

Though there's a vast supply of available information, B2C content is still a powerful acquisition channel...but only if you avoid one fundamental mistake

Aaron Orendorff | 06.19.2019

The 3 Best Market Strategies For The Hospitality Industry

These hotels broke into untapped markets by narrowing their focus. Use these 3 strategies to carve your niche

Marshall Lemon | 06.15.2019

5 Tips from Companies that Put Customer Centricity Up Front

Can you really tell us what “customer centricity” looks like?

Matt Duczeminski | 06.11.2019

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