Why Content Marketing Builds Trust

Content marketing isn’t just another marketing technique designed to push your products; it’s an effective avenue for gaining your customer’s trust and...

Rebecca Wojno | 16.08.2017

The Content Trick That Keeps Customers Coming Back for More

We know the importance of customer retention, but we also know that there's something else much more important to customer loyalty than giving someone...

Adam Fout | 08.08.2017

Measuring Customer Retention: Five Magical Metrics to Demystify ROI

You wouldn't dream about skimping on acquisition metrics, cost per click, cost per conversion, return on ad spend, SERP rank and other shiny metrics...

Aaron Orendorff | 31.07.2017

The 3 Most Overhyped Marketing Trends You Shouldn’t Follow

To keep customer engagement, incorporate trends into your marketing strategy. Replace proven tactics with current trends and your brand will become irrelevant, untrustworthy, and inauthentic...

Matt Duczeminski | 28.07.2017

Why Over-the-Top Customer Service Is a Horrible Retention Strategy

If you can't provide basic customer service in the most simple, straightforward and competent manner possible, you're going to lose customers

Adam Fout | 27.07.2017

Multichannel Matters, and it’s Here to Stay

Multichannel brand communications engage more customers more often. Overcoming segmentation, execution and measurement challenges promise improved KPIs and your brand’s readiness for the IoT...

Rebecca Wojno | 21.07.2017

What Is Customer Retention Rate & Why Should You Care?

Your CRR is like a business insurance policy. Staying on top of your customer retention rate can be the most effective way to both ensure...

Michael Brenner | 19.07.2017