5 Must-Have Metrics When Choosing Content for Paid Campaigns

The tools that help marketers determine their highest-performing web content can also shed light on ad campaign strategy

Evan F.P. | 12.18.2018

A Beginner’s Guide To CDPs: What They Can Do For Your B2C Business

With the arrival of a new CRM vertical - the “customer data platforms,” marketers should be well versed in how they differ from incumbent martech solutions

Evan F.P. | 12.10.2018

Sitting Pretty

Beauty brands are stepping up their game to keep customers coming back for more. Here are 5 examples of cutting-edge customer retention in this

Lauren Dowdle | 12.04.2018

From Smart to SCRUM: Creating Alignment In Your Marketing Department

The larger your marketing department grows, the more likely it is to become disjointed and misaligned. Here’s what to do to keep everyone on

Matt Duczeminski | 12.01.2018

How to Get More Value from Successfully Retained Customers

So, you’ve managed to slash your customer churn rates this quarter. Mission accomplished. Not so fast – there are more ways to benefit from loyal

Ben Jacobson | 11.28.2018

3 Smart Blogging Hacks to Boost Revenue & Customer Retention in 2019

An engaging, result-driven blog has the power to surge your sales and customer loyalty. Are you unlocking its potential? Don’t answer until you

Sam Hurley | 11.26.2018

Metrics That Matter: Measuring the Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

Take a look at the metrics that mean the most to a company’s bottom line, and how to tie these back to your marketing

Matt Duczeminski | 11.22.2018

What Social Media Channel Should You be Focusing on Next?

Instagram? Twitter? Maybe Facebook's dominance will continue to prevail? We gathered few marketing gurus to try and answer the question

Keith Loria | 11.20.2018

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