The 7 Push Notification Strategies That’ll Ruin Your Customer Relationships

Push notifications are an excellent way to reach users, but if not handled properly, they can do just as much harm as good...

Matt McAllister | 10.11.2017

Predicting Your Customers Pain Points Before They Arise Without Being a Fortune Teller

To keep your customers around, it’s not enough to help them after they reach out. You must use the crystal ball. It's not...

Matt Duczeminski | 10.09.2017

The Necessity for People Power in a Technological Era

AI is imperative for parsing through data and enabling marketers to make quick and proficient decisions, but when it comes to customer service, businesses can...

Matt Duczeminski | 09.27.2017

This Universal Law of Human Psychology Explains Why Customer Retention Matters

When you do something nice for your customers, when you serve them to the best of your abilities, they’ll feel inclined to reciprocate the...

Adam Fout | 09.13.2017

Why Attributing ROI to Retention Marketing Campaigns Isn’t your Smartest Bet

Set a baseline, develop a strategy and analyze feedback: measuring the ROI of retention marketing requires to dive deep into the data, but it’s...

Matt Duczeminski | 09.12.2017

Should You Tailor Your Retention Strategies Depending on Your Industry?

When it comes to retention strategies, there’s no one plan that will work for every business. The best strategies consider who your customers are...

Matt Duczeminski | 09.11.2017

5 Customer Retention Tools for Ecommerce, SaaS & Apps (Plus, How to Optimize with Them)

Iit’s one thing to know what to measure. Although the amount of data can be very daunting, that’s the easy part. The key...

Aaron Orendorff | 09.04.2017