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Building Your Brand Personae

Building a brand persona requires knowing more than a customer’s age

Todd Wasserman | 08.24.2019

Asking the Experts: How Social Networking Services Impact your Marketing Strategy

Utilizing LINE, Messenger, and WhatsApp is a savvy decision

Keith Loria | 08.22.2019

What Does The Next Digital Transformation Look Like For Airlines?

Airlines have made great strides in adopting digital technologies, but new marketing innovations emerge each day. What could airlines tackle next?

Marshall Lemon | 08.20.2019

5 Graphic and Design Sites to Know About

Forget trying to master difficult design programs and try these intuitive five DIY graphic and design sites to create your marketing magic

Lauren Dowdle | 08.19.2019

Luxury Marketing: 5 Tips to Retain Today’s High-End Customers

Luxury brands are built on exclusivity, brand heritage, and prestige. But are these elements enough to retain today’s upscale consumers?

Adebisi Adewusi | 08.17.2019

13 Tools to Get Inside Your Customers’ Minds

The key to your brand’s success hinges on your customers. These tools can help you understand what your customers value — and how your brand

Aaron Orendorff | 08.12.2019

5 Ways to Build Out Your Coupon Marketing Strategy

The use of coupons in marketing is over 100 years old. Still, coupons abide. Here’s how to maximize their modern potential.  

Adebisi Adewusi | 08.10.2019

Use Social Media as the Retention Tool It’s Meant to Be

You're using social media wrong and it's harming your business

Adam Fout | 08.07.2019

Will Livestream Shopping Capture the US Market?

Will livestream shopping go the way of omnichannel marketing-i.e. a requirement for successful businesses?ade

Adebisi Adewusi | 08.03.2019

Transactional Emails That Create Returning Customers and Brand Evangelists

Every eCommerce customer expects transactional emails like thank yous and confirmations. What they don’t expect is to be wowed. Let’s change that

Aaron Orendorff | 07.31.2019

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