The Potential Threats and Benefits Of Publicizing Customer LTV Score

Retention marketers must critically examine key variables and market conditions when deciding whether public customer scoring is right for their business

Evan F.P. | 01.23.2019

Seth Godin’s “This is Marketing”: Why You Need to Hear it Again

Nothing in Godin's new book will surprise old readers, but it's a needed refresher on why marketing's big ideas are important

Todd Wasserman | 01.21.2019

GPS for Your Retention Marketing Success

How marketers can use geofencing to bring their messages to the right people

Keith Loria | 01.17.2019

Voice’s Role In Customer Retention

Voice technology is changing the way consumers engage. Here’s how you can use it in your customer retention strategy

Adebisi Adewusi | 01.15.2019

Why Customer Data Matters So Much for Your Business

Superior customer experience, better business decisions and all and all more effective marketing. Reasons why customer data is crucial for your business

Shane Barker | 01.14.2019

Don’t Brush Off Using Both Automatic and Direct Communications

Automated communications can reduce repetitive tasks, but personal interactions still have their place

Marshall Lemon | 01.10.2019

Things Are Looking Up: The “Old School” Marketing Approach is Back

Billboards are on an upward swing as more companies leverage this tool: In an age of ever-shortening attention spans, it pays to be seen

Keith Loria | 01.07.2019

5 Automated Retention Marketing Campaigns Every B2C Marketer Should Implement

Getting a customer to engage is hard. Keeping him engaged is harder. Skilled marketers use these email campaigns to keep contacts from slipping away

Marshall Lemon | 01.02.2019

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