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5 Legal Ways Cannabis Dispensaries Are Earning Customer Loyalty

The increase of Cannabis legalization forces dispensaries to look for ways to retain their customers, without challenging the law

Evan F.P. | 04.25.2018

4 Key Metrics for Measuring Influencer Performance

Influencer marketing is highly popular and successful. It's definitely worth the buck, but how can you tell if your influencer is actually powerful?

Sarah Pritzker | 04.21.2018

Personalizing Your Home Page: Best Practices and Ideas

Research shows that customers abandon a company if it fails to provide them with a customized experience. So do it right

Victor Ijidola | 04.19.2018

Mastering Google Analytics: Don’t Be a Deer on the Freeway

Not all Google Analytics are created equal. Focus on these 3 metrics that will actually benefit your retention efforts

Lauren Dowdle | 04.16.2018

When Going Guerrilla With Your Marketing Pays Off

Sometimes you really need to get wild to get noticed and rise above the noise. Here's how to do guerrilla marketing right

Victor Ijidola | 04.09.2018

5 Steps To Converting on The Go

Mobile conversion requires attention but worth every dime. Here's how to turn your mobile interface into a money-making machine

Adebisi Adewusi | 04.02.2018

3 Customer Segmentation Models Every Marketer Should Consider

Personalization is crucial to CX, but without proper customer segmentation it's virtually impossible

Ben Jacobson | 03.29.2018

The Best Marketing Podcasts to Help Your Retention Efforts in 2018

Tune in and subscribe to these top podcast series to help you expand and improve your marketing knowledge efforts

Lauren Dowdle Matt Duczeminski | 03.21.2018