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5 Clever Ways to Use eBooks for Marketing and Retention

You'd think that people spend time on fancy CSS doodads and that people don't even read anymore, right? Wrong. Just like email, eBooks...

Adam Fout | 22.08.2017

Pricing Psychology: 7 Clever Tweaks To Make Customers Buy Again

If you’re struggling to gain customers and more importantly, keep them — your price points and structures may be impacting purchase decisions more than you...

Sam Hurley | 21.08.2017

3 Cutting-Edge Retention Strategies in the Travel Industry

Considering the fact that millennials are much more interested in buying experiences than things, travel ranks high on the list. Consumers have a variety of...

Lauren Dowdle | 17.08.2017

Why Better Onboarding Means Less Churn: Proven Tactics You Can Try Today

Optimizing your onboarding in the name of maximizing retention is a skillful combination of understanding your customers, leveraging their behavior data, and making strategic improvements...

Ben Jacobson | 10.08.2017

Pinterest: The Most Underrated Retention Tool

Pinterest isn’t just a catalog of eye-catching photos. It’s where your customers are going to interact and make purchases. Are you making...

Lauren Dowdle | 04.08.2017

7 Retention Tactics that Leave Customers Hungry for your Products

By now, we’re all familiar with the following marketing principle: if you’re not retaining the customers you’re acquiring, then your [&hellip...

Rebecca Wojno | 03.08.2017

7 Awkward Questions You Need to Ask Your Customers

The best customer feedback questions will bear unique insights into the psychology behind how your customer base interacts with your brand

Michael Brenner | 02.08.2017