Hands On


Ho Ho Ho: Your Holiday Helpers Have Arrived

In this 24/7 day and age, you should always be 'on'. Especially during the holidays. Here are some apps that can help

Victoria Vix Reitano | 12.08.2017

The Pre-Purchase Magic: Nurture Loyalty in Your Future Customers

Fostering a long-term relationships with customers certainly is important, but it can be done long before they make their first purchase. Here's how

Matt Duczeminski | 12.07.2017

Deal With It!

Beyond the financial benefit, discounts help businesses build brand equity. Make sure you offer the best deals. Here are some tips

Matt McAllister | 12.04.2017

Yes, Sharing is Caring

When it comes to content, User Generated Content is one of the most effective strategies for engagement and growth

Victoria Vix Reitano | 12.01.2017

Cutting through the Amazon Jungle

The e-commerce retail giant Amazon dominates the scene, owning nearly half of the online retail market share. We can help you stop losing sleep

Adebisi Adewusi | 11.29.2017

Good Social Media Calls for Good Social Listening

Not seeing your customers’ conversations means missing real interaction. To have meaningful conversations in a torrent of digital white noise, brands have to think different

Chris Morrison | 11.24.2017

Keeping Up with Generation Z

Gen Z kids are ready for business, but marketers struggle to build a relationship with them. Here are 5 ways to connect with them

Adebisi Adewusi | 11.21.2017

Another Black Friday, Another Dollar: How to Keep your Customers Engaged and Entertained

It's all about giving your customers what they want coming the holiday season, without slashing your profits. How? Follow these 6 strategies

Victoria Vix Reitano | 11.20.2017