Savvy marketing practitioners share their best advice and strategies


“The best marketers I’ve seen had glorious failures”

Our latest Powwow features SodaStream’s CMO: We talked about his marketing org, brands that inspire him and why he keeps customers on their toes

Rebecca Wojno | 04.16.2019

“We’ve seen how manual offers tailored to the customer work better”

We picked the brain of's CMO to hear his thoughts on future trends, his marketing team org, and the booming travel industry

Rebecca Wojno | 03.06.2019

“Data science enables a personalized experience without being creepy”

Boxed's VP of Growth shares his thoughts on the bulk-sized wholesale ecosystem, the company's path to success, and the ideal marketing org structure

Rebecca Wojno | 02.19.2019

“Personalization on a one-to-one basis will be within reach very, very soon”

Culture Trip's VP of Product Marketing shares her thoughts on emerging tech, why they're investing in print publications, and her favorite destination spot

Rebecca Wojno | 12.19.2018

“The End Goal is to Try to Have a One-to-One Experience for Everybody”

Barnes & Noble's Senior Manager of CRM Marketing divulges how client behavior has drastically altered their marketing approach

Rebecca Wojno | 08.16.2018

“Go Online Now, Every Other Thing You’ll See is a Video”

PostFunnel sat down with Vimeo's Director of Growth and Product Marketing to learn how quality video can turn your brand upside down

Rebecca Wojno | 07.12.2018

“Every Word Matters, Every Step, Every Fraction of a Hip Pivot”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Cameron Conaway, former MMA fighter, poet, author, and expert marketer

Rebecca Wojno | 06.16.2018

“First and Foremost We’re Asking Ourselves, ‘Who Are We Doing This For’?”

Stephanie McKay of LuckyVitamin tells us everything about the connection between successful digital marketing and your health

Rebecca Wojno | 05.17.2018

“We see a big change in mentality, a sense of community around data and tech”

PostFunnel sat down for a chat with Head of Data at Ebury to discuss how to close the gap between technology and the customer

Rebecca Wojno | 04.12.2018

“How do I know the moment I’ve truly grabbed their attention?”

Outbrain is synonymous with "content marketing", but how does the content marketer market to content providers? Read the full interview

Rebecca Wojno | 03.08.2018

“We think about diversity in everything we do. From the models to the social media posts.”

We chatted with Adore Me's CRM Marketing professional Josselin Petit-Hoang and came out with quite a few insights

Rebecca Wojno | 02.08.2018

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