Nuts & Bolts

Inside Martech’s main tools and best practices


Nuts & Bolts: How To Use Marketing Automation in 2019

With the assistance of marketing automation solutions, brands can reach customers and gather market intelligence more effectively than ever before.

Marshall Lemon | 08.29.2019

The 2019 Guide to Customer Data Platforms

As customer data becomes more complex, Customer Data Platforms are now essential tools for managing user profiles.

Evan F.P. | 07.25.2019

A Guide to Personalized Marketing In 2019

For decades, advertising campaigns were always based on what marketers believed customers wanted. That's all changed

Marshall Lemon | 06.25.2019

How Social Media Marketing Works in 2019

Facebook and Twitter aren’t just digital hangouts, they’re essential marketing channels. Find out why social media marketing is so important in 2019

Marshall Lemon | 05.28.2019

How Web Analytics Work in 2019

Web analytics is a primary method for understanding how people engage with the internet. That makes it an essential tool for marketers

Marshall Lemon | 04.23.2019

How SMS Marketing Works In 2019

Contrary to popular belief, SMS marketing is perhaps the most effective method of quickly reaching a global audience

Marshall Lemon | 03.26.2019

How Mobile Advertising Works In 2019

Mobile advertising is the dominant form of marketing communication today. What does the field look like in 2019, and what formats do audiences engage with

Evan F.P. | 02.26.2019

How Mobile Marketing Works in 2019

Introducing our new series: Nuts and Bolts - Each month we'll turn a page of the Martech instruction manual. 1st up: Finessing Your Mobile Marketing

Evan F.P. | 01.29.2019

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